Have you ever wondered how to remove your name from Google? In this article, we attempt to answer this question.

We have been providing reputation management services for years. In the long type of service, we have realized that learning how to remove your name from Google is one of the most important skills. Google has millions of users and is arguably the most important online platform.

The content on Google is widely read and shared. In this article, we provide a guide on how to remove your name from Google.

Remove Your Name From Google by Filing Compliant

The easiest way in this guide on how to remove your name from Google is by directly contacting customer support. Google has a very strict policy about the nature of content that can be shared.

  1. Google’s policies do not allow any content which harms parties.
  2. Personal information cannot be shared without the consent of the individual who owns it.
  3. Google also has several policies related to outdated content, illegal content, etc.

If the content you wish to remove content which falls in the above category, you should reach out to Google customer support. You can directly submit a request for the removal of content.

In your request, make sure you specify the content you wish to remove as well as give adequate reasons for the same.

Remove Your Name From Google Through Social Media

If you are wondering how to remove your name from Google, this step might come as a surprise. It is important to keep in mind that Google simply shares the content which has been posted on other platforms. Google rarely creates space for publishing any content.

Let’s say that someone has posted a nude picture of you on Facebook. This picture also has a caption with your name. When someone conducts a Google search for your name, this picture will show up in search results. In order to remove this from Google, you should remove the content from its source.

Every major social media platform has its own Community Guidelines. You can follow these steps to remove content:

  1. Find the content you wish to be removed.
  2. Select the report button.
  3. Select the reason for reporting the content.
  4. Submit the request.

Once you submit a request, it will be reviewed by a representative of the platform. If it does violate the guidelines, the content will be removed permanently. This will then remove the content from Google search.

Remove Your Name From Google Under GDPR

Another way if you are wondering how to remove your name from Google is to exercise the right to be forgotten. As per this, any individual can submit a request to Google for permanent removal of their information.

The right is available in certain conditions:

  • You did not consent to the collection of information.
  • You originally consented to it but have now withdrawn your consent.
  • The information was collected for a particular purpose and no longer satisfies that purpose.
  • There is no legitimate reason for continuing the processing of information.

If any of the conditions are applicable in your case, you can fill Google’s Personal Information Removal Form and request for permanent removal.


  1. How can I remove my name from Google search?

The easiest way in any guide on how to remove your name from Google is to directly contact Google support. Here, you can report the issue and request the removal of information.

  1. How do I remove personal information from Google?

There are several ways of doing it. You can report the content to Google support, report on the platform when it is published, or take legal action. Make sure that you remove personal information from your social media account, website, etc.

  1. Can I remove personal information under GDPR?

The GDPR grants individuals a right to request the permanent removal of personal information. This right can be exercised against Google.

  1. How to remove your name from Google for free?

Yes! Make sure you control all the information you can. Don’t share any sensitive information through your own accounts. If a third party has shared negative content against you, then you can directly contact the publisher and request removal of information or contact Google support.


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