The General Data Protection Regulation provides the right to be forgotten. Right to be forgotten meaning can be understood as any request for the removal of information.

In this article, we discuss the right to be forgotten meaning in detail.

Right to be Forgotten Meaning

Right to be forgotten meaning an individuals’ right to removal of information. This request can be submitted directly to the company which has collected, stored, or processed your information.

The right to be forgotten can be used in the following situations:

  • The data was collected in an unlawful manner.
  • The data does not serve any overriding legitimate purpose.
  • The data was shared based on your consent, and you have now withdrawn it.
  • The data was collected without your consent, and you want it to be removed.
  • The processing of data does not support the public interest.

In such cases, the right to be forgotten can be used for the removal of data. Unless the company can provide an adequate reason for refusal, it will be forced to remove the same.

Right to be Forgotten Meaning with Examples

The best way to understand right to be forgotten meaning is with the help of examples. These examples will give you a better idea of the data which can be removed.

Keep in mind that the list of examples is very specific and looks at hypothetical conditions. This might not include your circumstance. In case you are wondering if the right to be forgotten is applicable to you, it is a good idea to consult an expert on the same.

Right to be Forgotten Meaning Example 1

You shared your mobile number and email address with Google while creating an account. You also agreed to the terms and conditions which allow Google to use your contact information for promotions. This was done in exchange for the services provided by Google. However, you no longer wish to allow your data to be used for promotion.

You can submit a right to be forgotten request. The company will be required to take down the data from the database. They can no longer use it for any purpose unless you specifically consent to it.

Right to be Forgotten Meaning Example 2

In your early teens, you were arrested for a minor crime. This was reported in the local newspapers. The newspapers have also shared the information online. These articles appear while conducting a search for your name.

You wish to remove this content and permanently delete it. There are a few reasons that you can use. You can argue that there is no legitimate interest in sharing this content. You can also argue that the data was collected when you were a child and should be removed now.

Right to be Forgotten Meaning Example 3

While creating a Facebook account, you were asked to share a profile picture. This was required for creating an account. However, you are informed that the profile picture will only be used while displaying your profile. Facebook informed you that this would not be used for marketing purposes. Further, Facebook will not share your profile picture with any third party.

After creating an account, you realize that Facebook has shared your picture with a third party. The picture is also being used while advertising. You can use the right to be forgotten to request Facebook to permanently delete your picture.


  1. What is the right to be forgotten meaning?

The right to be forgotten meaning grants individuals the right to request the removal of their personal information. This results in giving greater data protection and control to individuals.

  1. How can I exercise the right to be forgotten?

You can directly submit a request to the company which has collected your data. Once your request is submitted, the company is required to take any action within 30 days.

  1. What is the purpose of the right to be forgotten?

The right to be forgotten ensures that individuals who all the data should get a say in where or how the data is being shared.

  1. How does the right to be forgotten work?

Through the right to be forgotten, some data can be permanently deleted from any database. This means that no third party can access the data.



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