A cyber stalking lawyer works with law enforcement agencies and private companies to stop the crime of cyber stalking. Cyber stalking is on the rise due to the global proliferation of the internet and social media platforms.

In this article, we discuss cyber stalking and the services provided by cyber stalking lawyers.

What is a cyber stalking lawyer?

To understand the work of cyber stalking lawyers, it is important to discuss cyber stalking briefly.

Cyber stalking is the act of harassing a person online without any legal reasons. This can take various forms:

  • Monitoring the person on social media platforms and contacting them repeatedly.
  • Threatening via online means of communication such as email, text messages, social media feeds, etc.
  • Sending rude and offensive messages online.
  • Following the same groups, forums, etc., as the target person.

Cyber stalking lawyers look at certain conditions while filing a cyber stalking suit:

  • The stalker has engaged in threatening, monitoring or unduly contacting the victim at multiple instances.
  • The stalker did not have a lawful purpose behind contacting the victim. Instead, stalking was aimed to threaten or intimidate the victim.
  • Any reasonable person in the victim’s position will be in fear and suffer from mental agony.

Cyber stalking lawyers are experts in the field of cyber law and online harassment. They have years of experience working with victims of cyber stalking.

How can a cyber stalking lawyer help me?

A cyber stalking lawyer can provide the following services:

  • Identify the stalker: As cyber stalking takes place over the internet, it can often come from anonymous accounts. Cyber stalking lawyers have access to technologies that locate and identify the stalkers.
  • Contact social media platforms: Cyber stalking lawyers regularly work with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Cyber stalking is prohibited under the terms and conditions of these platforms. A cyber stalking lawyer can contact the platforms and request blocking of the stalker’s account.
  • Work with Internet Service Providers: Cyber stalking lawyers have agreements with Internet Service Providers. This helps them in locating the stalker and requesting their access to particular be blocked.
  • Cooperate with search engines: Cyber stalking lawyers can assist in removing information against you from search engine indexes of Google, Bing, etc. For example, if a stalker threatens the victim by sharing her nude pictures on the web, cyber stalking lawyers can file a request with search engines not to show the information that is conducting an online search.
  • Send legal notices: Before filing a suit before the court, a cyber stalking lawyer can send legal notices to the stalker. This notice will highlight that cyber stalking is a crime, and the victim can take further legal action against the stalker.
  • File a criminal suit: A cyber stalking lawyer can file a civil or criminal lawsuit if the act of stalking does not stop. This will involve proving before the court that cyber stalking has taken place and caused fear and mental agony for the victim.
  • Empathise with the client: Cyber stalking lawyers have worked with many victims of cyber stalking and understand the struggle of dealing with a stalkers. The focus of cyber stalking lawyers is to protect the victim and ensure that the stalker is duly punished.


As discussed above, a cyber stalking lawyer provides a wide range of services to help the victim of cyber stalking. These services are aimed towards one goal – the stalker should not access the victim online.

As cyber stalking is a crime that can lead to severe losses, it is advisable to hire a cyber stalking lawyer to file a suit. This will play a significant role in ensuring your safety in the online world.


  1. Who are cyber stalking lawyers?

Cyber stalking lawyers are experts in cyber law and online harassment. They can help you win a civil or criminal suit against a stalker.

  1. How to report cyber stalking?

You can ask your cyber stalking lawyer to file a report before law enforcement agencies and the social media platform used for stalking.

  1. Should I get a cyber stalking lawyer?

Cyber stalking is a serious crime, and you should get a cyber stalking lawyer to help you take legal action.



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