Millions of people go online and post videos every single day. This has left more and more people wondering how to get videos removed from the internet. It often seems like an extremely complex task. Many people fail to take action against really harmful videos because of this.

The good news is that it is not true. Removing videos from the internet is possible. Reputation management companies such as this one take action to remove videos every single day.

In this article, we provide a detailed guide on how to get videos removed from the internet.

How To Get Videos Removed From The Internet: Social Media

Millions of videos get posted on social media platforms every single day. Therefore, it’s really important to focus on learning how to get videos removed from the internet’s biggest social media platforms.


Facebook’s Community Standards places many severe conditions on the kind of videos that can be posted on the platform. They also have thousands of moderators who regularly go through the content posted on Facebook.

In many ways, the standards imposed by Facebook are even higher than the legal standards. This is because the Facebook Community Standards a lot more autonomy drafting rules than a regulatory body.

As per these rules, an individual cannot post any kind of violence, defamation, nudity, hate speech, objectionable content, etc. If you find that any such content has been posted, you can directly report it, and Facebook will take immediate action.


This is the easiest of all the strategies discussed in this guide on how to get videos removed from the internet. In many ways, Instagram is quite popular for its strict guidelines on the nature of content that can be posted. Getting content removed from Instagram is a really easy job. Moreover, Instagram also recommends certain measures which can be taken after the takedown.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram also provides a feature to directly report any kind of video that you believe should be removed. Apart from this, Instagram has also created a special section for reporting sensitive videos. This includes any kind of violence, harassment, bullying, nudity, hate speech, etc. In such cases, Instagram will take faster action.


As you must know, YouTube is primarily a video sharing platform. Therefore, this is one of the most important platforms if you want to learn how to get videos removed from the internet.

Since millions of videos get posted on YouTube every single day, they have developed sensitive artificial intelligence which can detect videos violating the terms and conditions. This ensures that the video gets flagged and removed immediately.

Apart from this, you can also report the YouTube video. Once the video has been reported, it will be reviewed thoroughly by the moderators.

How To Get Videos Removed From The Internet: Google Search

Google search plays a huge role in determining what kind of content is seen by the general public. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn more about Google search in this guide on how to get videos removed from the internet.

Similar to social media platforms, you can contact Google support to directly report a video. Apart from this, you can also contact the publisher of the video and request the video to be taken down from the source itself.

If these strategies don’t work, then another way is to file a lawsuit for the removal of the video from Google search. This is particularly effective if the video is defamatory or contains sensitive personal information.


  1. How can you get something removed from the internet?

If you are wondering how to get videos removed from the internet, you should start with directly contacting the publisher of the information. If this doesn’t work, then you can either report it to the platform where content is published or file a lawsuit.

  1. How do you get someone’s video removed?

The strategy on how to get videos removed from the internet is different based on where the video is uploaded. If the videos are uploaded on the social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, the best way is to directly report them. If it is posted on the website, you should try contacting the owner of the website.

  1. How many reports does it take to remove a YouTube video?

You only need to file one report. YouTube will consider that report and take action within 90 days. The chances of removal do improve if multiple people the same video.

  1. What happens if you accidentally report a YouTube video?

You don’t need to worry about accidentally reporting a video. Once you have reported a video, it will be reviewed by a moderator. If the moderator believes that the video does not violate its terms and conditions, then the video will not be late.



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