A lawyer for online harassment helps clients get legal actions against their harassers. This is done to protect the safety and security of the victim.

Online harassment is quite challenging to deal with alone. Due to this, many victims consider hiring a lawyer. In this article, we discuss the law relating to online harassment and the work done by the lawyers for online harassment.

Who is a lawyer for online harassment?

Before understanding the work done by a lawyer for online harassment, it is important to examine the factors constituting online harassment.

Generally speaking, online harassment is any form of harassment on the internet, such as social media platforms, websites, instant messaging applications, etc. The following actions constitute online harassment:

  • The harasser is threatening any person through visual, written or voice messages.
  • The harasser is publishing private pictures or information about an individual without their consent.
  • The harasser is stalking a person on digital platforms by joining similar groups and forums.
  • The harasser is contacting the person repeatedly on multiple platforms.

The work done by online harassment lawyers differs from country to country based on the law in the region. However, online harassment is a crime in most countries with civil and criminal penalties.

Should I hire a lawyer for online harassment?

A lawyer for online harassment provides a wide range of services to ensure that the victim is safe from the actions of the harasser. Some of the commonly used strategies are listed below:

  • Locate the harasser: Online harassment lawyers have access to sophisticated technologies that can locate the personal details of harassers using anonymous accounts. This will allow contacting the harasser directly and file legal complaints against him.
  • Remove content under GDPR: A lawyer for online harassment can fight for the right to erasing information on the internet. This is extremely helpful if the harasser has published private pictures or confidential information about the victim without her consent.
  • Send legal notice: Prior to taking any legal action, the lawyer can send legal notices to the harasser. These will inform the harasser that the victim is planning to take legal action, thereby prompting him to stop harassing.
  • File a lawsuit: As harassment is a crime, a lawyer for online harassment can file a civil and criminal liability lawsuit.
  • Obtain a restraining order: Lawyers for online harassment can obtain restraining orders against the harasser to ensure no contact with the victim. In some cases, this is essential for ensuring the safety of the victim.
  • Work with social media platforms: Lawyers for online harassment regularly contact social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to file complaints. As online harassment is prohibited under the policies of social media platforms, filing a complaint can ensure the removal of harassing material along with blocking the account of the harasser.
  • Contact search engines: Lawyers can file a request for removing content from the search engine index. This will ensure that any harassing material does not show up in search engine results.

How do I choose a lawyer for online harassment?

While hiring a lawyer for online harassment, you should consider the following factors:

  • Expertise: The lawyer should be an expert on the law of harassment, defamation and stalking. Such a lawyer will be better suited to be successful in stopping the harasser.
  • Experience: The lawyer should have at least five years of experience in dealing with harassment related matters.
  • Communication: You should hire a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable to discuss the mental stress and communicate the details of the harassment.


Lawyers for online harassment have trained for years to deal with online harassment matters and get relief for their clients. This can be in the nature of civil penalties, criminal sentence, removal of information, obtaining restraining orders, etc.

In case you are suffering from harassment, you should consider hiring a lawyer as soon as possible. Online harassment can have severe consequences that you can avoid with the help of a lawyer.


  1. Is online harassment a crime?

Yes, online harassment is a crime. With the help of a lawyer for online harassment, you can approach law enforcement authorities and take legal action.

  1. Are there any lawyers for online harassment?

Yes, lawyers for online harassment are experts in the law of harassment and defamation as well as cyber law.

  1. Do I need to hire a lawyer for online harassment?

You should hire a lawyer for online harassment in case someone is harassing you on the web.


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