Online defamation lawyer defends against both written and verbal forms of defamation on the internet.

  • The written form of defamation is known as libel. This can be in the form of a social media post, newspaper article, etc.
  • The verbal form of defamation is known as slander. This can include an online speech or live video.

Online defamation lawyer is an expert in the law of defamation and cyber harassment. In this article, we discuss the services provided by a defamation lawyer.

Services provided by online defamation lawyer

Online defamation lawyer provides a wide range of services. The exact nature of these services depends on the issues suffered by you.

Some of the most common services provided by online defamation lawyers are listed below:

  • Identification of Author/Publisher: Online defamation lawyers have access to sophisticated tools and technologies. They can use this to locate the originator of the defamatory information. This is the first step for taking any meaningful action.
  • Legal Notice: An online defamation lawyer can send legal notices to the author or publisher. This will communicate that the information posted is illegal. Further, the author and publisher will be made aware of potential legal action. This is one of the most effective ways to remove the defamation.
  • Lawsuit Against Publisher: An online defamation lawyer may file a lawsuit if the information is not taken down after sending a legal notice. The victim of online defamation has a right to claim civil and criminal liability. This is very effective against individual bloggers as they do not have legal teams to fight against the law.
  • Lawsuit Against ISP: Another option is to directly file a lawsuit against Internet Service Providers. This will request for permanent removal of the content. However, it is more difficult as ISPs usually have more resources to fight lawsuits.
  • Complaint on Social Media Platform: Some clients do not wish to file lawsuits as it makes the issue public. In such cases, the online defamation lawyer might file a complaint on a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter. Defamatory content needs to be taken down as per the policies of these platforms.
  • Complaint on Search Engine Platform: If the content is shared on a blog or website, an online defamation lawyer can file a complaint to remove it. In this case, the complaint will be file before search engine platforms such as Google or Bing. This will permanently delete information, and it will not show up on search results.

Should I hire an online defamation lawyer?

In the age of the internet, online defamation can harm your personal and professional life. As per studies, your online reputation plays an important role in shaping the perception of your colleagues, friends and family.

It is quite shocking to note that 70% of employers conduct an online search before hiring an employee. The same is also true for dating partners. As per available data, about 80% of the people conduct a Google search before going on a date.

In such a situation, failure to take action against online defamation can significantly impact your life.


Online defamation lawyers can play a huge role in creating a positive online perception. This will significantly improve your personal and professional life.

The best thing about hiring a lawyer is that they work for you. You get complete control over the strategies you wish to use. This means that you can target online defamation without creating any public noise about the same.


  1. Can I sue for online defamation?

Yes. Online defamation is a criminal offense and a civil wrong. You can file a civil or criminal lawsuit depending on the nature of the remedy you wish to obtain.

  1. How do you fight online for defamation?

You should hire an online defamation lawyer. Such a lawyer will be an expert in defamation law and ensure that defamatory content is taken down.

  1. Do I need a lawyer to sue for defamation?

Yes! Online defamation law is very complicated. You should hire a lawyer to guide you through the process.

  1. What are the services provided by an online defamation lawyer?

Online defamation lawyers provide a wide range of services to take down defamatory content and punish the author. This includes sending legal notices, filing lawsuits and complaints with social media platforms.


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