In today’s day, personal online reputation is one of the most critical aspects of your life. This provides strangers with an insight into your life. This can play a vital role in determining the success of your business or your personal brand.

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about online reputation. We also share some of the key tips that we have learned from years of experience in reputation management.

Should I worry about my personal online reputation?

As per a study, 75% of Americans did not find desired results upon searching for their names online. This means that unless you are specifically curating your online presence, you will be disappointed by what you see.

Personal online reputation is essential for everyone. This is no longer is a sole concern for politicians or business moguls. It can determine whether you get a job or get admission into your dream school.

Keep on reading to find the top tips for improving your online reputation.

Tips for improving personal online reputation

It is important to remember that a negative personal online reputation is not the end of the work. You can always take some steps to repair the damage.

Below are some of the tips that we suggest for improving your online reputation.

  • Find more about your online reputation: The first step is to Google yourself and assess the state of your online reputation. This will give you a better idea of the good as well as the bad. While searching yourself, look for various combinations – your full name, your name and school, your name and your employer, etc.
  • Analyze your social media activity: Social media activity plays a huge role in your online reputation. You should take stock of the content you have posted along with the groups you are a part of, forums you engage in and articles you like or share.
  • Assess your goals: You should determine the benefits of a positive personal online reputation in your life. For example, you are looking for employment. In such a case, writing articles that display your skills will strongly improve your reputation in the eyes of prospective employers.
  • Start a website: Buying a domain name and starting a website will go a long way in creating a positive personal online reputation. You have complete control over the image you want to project through it. Additionally, the website is quite authoritative and will be looked at first.
  • Protect your privacy: Make sure you only share information that you are comfortable with. The content you share online cannot be removed and will play a huge role in determining your identity. Due to this reason, it is best if you do not share information that reflects you in a negative light.
  • Take note of negative online content: While monitoring your personal online reputation, you should always stay on top of any harmful content against you. Take note of who is posting against you and send notices for removing such content.
  • Optimize online content: Search engines such as Google play a massive role in deciding the content seen by the audience. You should prioritize search engine optimization to ensure that positive content is displayed at the top of search results.
  • Hire a personal online reputation management company: If you are struggling to manage your online reputation, it is a great idea to hire a reputation management company. They will provide services tailored to your needs. This will ensure that you always have a positive online reputation.


  1. What is a personal online reputation?

Online reputation is the perception of an average person searching for you online. This can be a prospective client or employer.

  1. How do I manage my personal online reputation?

You should carefully monitor any negative activity against you and take urgent action. Apart from that, you should start a website and curate your social media account to show you in a favorable light.

  1. Why is personal reputation important?

Online reputation is extremely important. As per multiple studies, employers, clients, and even dating partners search online before meeting in person.

  1. Can a lawyer improve my personal online reputation?

Yes, a lawyer can help in creating a positive online reputation. Lawyers can send legal notices as well as file lawsuits for removing negative content from the web.


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